M's BRAQUE Profile

Takahiro MATSUSHITA started his own private label "BRAQUE" with a womenswear collection born Fall - Winter 2001. His first Menswear collection was launched Spring - Summer 2002 unifying the labels under the current name "M's BRAQUE".

With his atelier located in Paris-France, Matsushita’s creation, is focusing on the traditional techniques (both oriental and occidental) that the modern society has forgotten”, and tells us “what is truly good, and that truly comfortable things do exist”.

The dead stock materials with historical feeling he found walking around European countries are brought to life again with the back silhouettes adhered, a sense of aesthetic and sexiness.

Classic for Modern figure

Not just design, art of the pattern. Takahiro MATSUSHITA's design for "M's Braque" is made to achieve grace with comfort. From his past career as a patterner for various brands, both mens and womens, he does not just draw the design, but he drafts the pattern with caring details and chooses the materials best suitable for the designs. That means, his works are all combined to produce graceful figure without equal...

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