MANDO profile

MANDO designed by Takasu Mando

Head of Design and Planning at ALPHA CUBIC for 14 years (womenswear).

* Alpha cubic is a legendary Japanese fashion company from the 70s- 80s era. Alpha Cubic did the licence business with Yves Saint Laurent women in Japanese market, and also, they imported Yves Saint Laurent to Japan.

In 1989, He was appointed by men's brand COHIBA, as a chief designer.
COHIBA has London's Savile Row tailoring and full collection of ready to wear, accessories and some vintage pieces.
During this period, Takasu Mando also did costume design for theatre, movies and TV series.

* COHIBA was famous British taste brand which had been loved by lots of fashion conscious people and celebrities.

In 1997, he started his own brand MANDO with womenswear collection.

In 2003, he started his menswear collection.

Timeless, genderless and classic feeling, yet updated in a modern way.
Influenced by 70s Yves Saint Laurent and tailoring of Savile Row, his collection express modern casual wear based on quality fabrics and tailoring techniques.

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